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Reconnect - Your Success

Finding your path and reconnecting with the authentic you


(total value $4599)

Have you ever wanted to know what truly matters, how you truly matter?

The answer is here, now.  Imagine the power of living your life on a higher level.  Where health, vitality, joy, wealth, career, relationships and love is more than just acceptable - it is extraordinary.  Where you feel inspired, confident and completely in control of your life's journey, every single day.


You can choose to change your life, right now.  You can choose to take your life to a whole new level, simply by understanding the keys to your behaviour:

  • Why you believe the things you do

  • Why you think the way you do

  • How these have influenced and created your life as you know it now

Empowered by this knowledge you can choose to change the story - and begin to literally change your life. 


Reconnect - 'Your Success (12 Keys to Extraordinary Living)' teaches you all this and much more.  You will receive the profound confidence and resources to become who you were always meant to be.​

People have trusted Reconnect - 'Your Success' to help them experience growth and achieve the results they have always wanted.  People have trusted Reconnect - 'Your Success' to guide them through life's biggest decisions.  And people have trusted Reconnect - 'Your Success' to give them the tools they need to discover the perfect path and truly make a difference.

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Take the first steps towards living your extraordinary life today with this 12 unit online program created by just one of my mentors, Australia's best coach, Sharon Pearson, and then upgrade to even more phenomenal value........

  1. Life Hacks - Your Ultimate Guide to the Rules of Life

  2. Ideal Average Day - Step by Step to Constructing Your Ideal Average Day

  3. Mind Matters I - Emotions, Language and Philosophy

  4. Mind Matters II - Fear, Safe vs Risky Problems and Levels of Thinking

  5. The Empowerment Code - Discover the Unique Meta Dynamics(TM) Methodology

  6. Life's Master Key - Decoding Successful Strategies

  7. The Ultimate Master Blueprint - Introduction to the Critical Alignment Model

  8. Empowering You - The 4 Steps to Empowering You

  9. Your Environment - Environment Standards, Purpose Driven Life and More

  10. Your Structure - Decluttering, Goal Setting, Rituals & Habits and More

  11. Your Implementation - Breaking Through Fear, Clarity Through Movement and More

  12. Your People - Quality of Your Relationships with Others and More


  1. Online classes/modules - link to be sent & you work through this program in your own time but with ongoing support from me.

  2. 12 x additional practical exercise booklets to fit in with each module

  3. Membership of private 'Your Success' FB community.

  4. Free access to the recording of a 2 day 'Your Success' live workshop

  5. Free access to a 90 min live event 'EPICFEST'

  6. 6 x group coaching sessions (fortnightly)

  7. 6 x guide booklets/tip sheets (fortnightly)

  8. 6 x individual coaching sessions (90 mins each)

  9. Book - 'Ultimate You' by Sharon Pearson, a beautiful journal, pen & 'Reconnect' gifts

  10. FREE 'Extraordinary' Hypnosis Pack: 12 audios to motivate extraordinary living - to be emailed monthly

  11. Metadynamics(TM) Thinking Profile Tool and 90 min unpack - Understand your thinking style and that of others, identify any gaps and plan for greater success ahead!

  12. Invitation to a 'Your Success' Live Event!

Pay just $1997!

(Total Value $4599)


  1. FREE additional individual coaching sessions (90 mins) x 2 about topics of your choosing (or you may like help to select something (e.g. a Values Elicitation, the 'Your Perfect Day' tool, a 'Your Compelling Future' session, a 'Your Success' (Beliefs, Standards, Attitudes & Expectations), 'Your Wheel of Life' session and more to choose from)

  2. FREE 'Essential' Hypnosis Pack: 6 audios to empower 

  3. FREE recorded interviews x 3 with relationship experts 

  4. FREE champagne

  5. FREE 90 min Bling Session for you and/or a friend - to help you find the answers to any burning question you may have

  6. Access to 30 day online Rewarding Relationship challenge - to improve your most intimate relationship!

  7. FREE subscription to monthly group hypnosis classes (7pm on Mondays)

Bonus Value : $1102

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