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Empowering Joy
in Love, Life & Leadership


Hello, my name is Gina Callan

I am the founder of Ambit Coaching & Hypnotherapy. We specialise in emotional fitness & relationship empowerment for those wanting more happiness & abundance in life. 

Through our evidence-based coaching, neurolinguistic programming, hypnosis, training & facilitation services, we help individuals, couples & groups reset, reignite & reconnect with their best self.


Whether you want to examine your mindset, strengthen your emotional wellbeing, deepen your connection with your spouse/partner, family, friends or work team, we're here to help you create the change you choose.  We acknowledge your courage and commitment to change in reaching out for private, confidential & judgement-free support & empowerment, & we will compassionately guide you to plan & take action in your chosen way.  


As a happily married, working wife, Mum & Nana, I value creating the most meaningful, happy & fulfilling relationships & experiences possible. To this end, I've learned to tune into who I am being and becoming regularly so that I can work on and grow my emotional fitness even through times of uncertainty.  By prioritising the love & care I have for my own mind, body, heart & soul, I create happiness from the inside out and  to ensure joyful, healthy & happy relationships with those in my ambit (sphere of influence). 


Working with a diverse range of people over 40 years has taught me that no one needs 'fixing'.  Rather, as unique & magnificent individuals we are all on our own hero's journey.  It's wise to reach out for support & empowerment so that we can be our best & do, have, give & share our greatest potential. I explore this in my co-authored book 'Beyond Limitations' and would love to champion you to live your best life too.

As a certified Bling Angel & authorised Civil Marriage Celebrant too, I trust that this is just the beginning of us working together. I'm truly excited to support & empower your emotional fitness & relationships on your journey ahead.  

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Find Your Emotionality Style

Discover your Emotionality Profile & gain powerful insights into your inner world and  how you perceive the world around you.

Emotionally understand your inner world better and unlock your full potential.

Empower yourself to make conscious  choices about how you approach challenges, how you connect with others and how you create the life you want.

Coaching & Hypnosis Programs

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